Temecula Wine Tasting

Whether you are on a romantic getaway with someone special or out with a group of friends, wine tasting is great way to spend a day enjoying the finer things in life.   One of the best parts of traveling is new experiences and the Southern California Wine Country is an experience you don’t want to miss.  But, wine and wine tasting - especially for first timers- can be intimidating.  Instead of focusing on what you don’t know - hence the intimidation -  look at it from a different perspective:  how can wine enhance my life?  

To that point, here are five great reasons to stop what you’re doing and plan a day or weekend trip to the local wineries.

There’s a wine style for everyone.

Don’t worry that you’re “only” a beer or whiskey drinker or that you’ve never taken the time to  try wine - believe it or not, there’s a wine for everyone’s taste & enjoyment.  From light & fruity whites to medium-bodied as well as high-alcohol, bold reds to dessert-style wines, you’ll find what you like...and don’t like.  Relax. 


Learn more about wine tasting:


Expanding your wine palate will help heighten your food palate as well.

Learning the subtleties of wine aromas and flavors will lead you on the path of pairing your foods with wine.  Why is it that a crisp, fruity Viognier works so well with seafood or that a gentle Sangiovese is the perfect compliment to your mom’s raviolis?  Balancing such flavors - the goal of pairing food with wine - will make you look at food, and its enjoyment, in a completely different light.  

You’ll be able to order wine at a restaurant with confidence.

It can be awkward trying to order the right wine when dining out, can’t it?  Not any more.  By learning just the basics - what styles go with what foods, how to identify a “corked” wine, realizing price does not always equal quality - you can impress your date or family.  But it all starts with taking the time to taste & learn.

Becoming immersed in the vast world of wine = an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Wine is an integral part of what the French call “L’Art de Vivre” - “The Art of Life.”  It emcopasses everything - food, friends, history & geography, life’s celebrations, and an overall thirsting for the finer things that life can indeed offer.  It elevates us.  Once it takes hold, it never lets go. 


Check out these local Wineries:
Callaway Winery
Willson Creek Winery

Look - it’s just plain fun.

Spending a day with your friends and loved ones while wine tasting and taking in all that Temecula has to offer will create lasting memories.  A gorgeous country setting with rolling hills filled with pristine rows of vines colored with the green, pink, and purple fruit of the gods, helpful & enthusiastic tasting room staffs, fantastic wines & food, and the company of like-minded wine lovers is what you’ll find when venturing into California’s fastest growing wine region. 

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20 Aug 2014

By Chris Baptiste